Surf, don’t drown

By Raven Terrapin
Direwood finished show 42 and it was a wild ride. We drove out through a non-stop heavy rain, looking at the flooding and there were already numerous cars in the ditch on the highway to Ft.Myers in route to what was billed as “Downtown Abduction 3,”.
This was in celebration of the sneak release of “Digirat,” a comic created by Watts Hopp and Larry the Alien of Future Lab Rats. They had several monitors and tablets set up to look at the upcoming series. I also got a preview of my own character in the comic book, a sort of yellow Octopus man with glasses who acts as an inter dimensional Shaman. Obviously that was boss.
We hung out, made some coffee and loaded in during a break in the rain which had already collected in several inches of water in the parking lot.
The hostess, Wendyl Jay, played several songs to kick off the small gathering, keeping it all in stride like a piano playing Stevie Nicks and even laughing off a board crash as being the fault of her fathers ghost, the legendary sound pioneer Desmond Elliott.
Next came Biomechanical Raptors, which was a one man band with a lighting rig and giant alien head mask. I really enjoyed his more out there musical sensibilities which should bring him to the Venture Compound at some point where he will do well.
I enjoyed his alien disco music with some custom made keyboard noises and it seemed as though the night was going to take off.
We played next, in front of a bunch of little ones, so I quickly made sure to change “fuck” to “funk” as much as possible. I’m not into censorship, but I’m also always aware of who my audience is.
We had a fun set, I gave all my energy to it and people seemed to be into it, even yelling encouraging words and hooting. It was a really strange vibe, but I’m sure everyone was having fun.
The PA took a shit during “Hugh” but we sucked it up and kept going. I wanted to cut a song from the set, which is a trick I sometimes use, knowing that less is more, but the rowdy audience that seemed like they thought they were watching a comedy set at Coconut’s wouldn’t let me. So, we played all of our songs. We ended up the show with the one-two punch of “Screwtape” and “Killing Time.” At the end of “Killing Time” someone yelled “Holy Shit!,” so I’ll take the win.
I recorded the set but haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet. Hollow Life even had a vocal solo while I stood by and bobbed my head like a proud poppa.
Made some good memories, rocked out, had a good time. Got sick the next day, probably from standing around in Noah like water levels in my bare feet while all sweaty. I should have learned my lesson from Black Beauty.
I ended my night making a Houghton connection with my dear friend Dharma and playing a game of chess with Mystic. We almost always play to a draw, a bloodless battle which after it is over, like Hendrix said “The Jack’s are all in their boxes and the clowns have all gone to bed.”
We have a gap in time until our next show and I’ll be heading to New Orleans for a much needed re-charge of inspiration.
Love to y’all. Sometimes you wipe out, end up with a bloody nose and a nose full of water. Doesn’t stop you from trying again. Heal up. repair and ride out one time.

Roller Coaster of Love

By Raven Terrapin

IMG_0974-1.JPGFinished show 41 for Direwood. This was the night to welcome back good friend Billy Mays 3, AKA Infinite Third after an entire year away in the mountains and it was glorious!
Big hugs everywhere abounding. Beach balls amused the usual group of malcontents mixed with the always funny to see first timers blown away by the spectacle of my Mecca, The Venture Compound.
Direwood played five songs in a very punk 17 minutes. I like these small sets almost better then the longer “headlining” slots. To me it’s the difference between a four round bout or a 12 round slug fest. The mindset is different. The training is different. I even pick different songs geared for a shorter set.
It was also the closing night of Emmy Lou’s art show, so the back gallery was covered with disturbing childlike yet arty weird jellyfish and masks of crayon colored disfigurement.
Josh Martin started the show out with some nice horn layering using Abelton and some really nice sax work. This set the perfect tempo for the spirit of the evening was was chill, boho, slightly off in the best way.
Mother Sky and Chris Charbauno played solo guitar work very much in the same style, using loops and pedals to create fields of ambient.
It was very fun to play right in front of DJ Hollow Life’s parents during our show and it was the first time they had seen us since he joined the band a year ago.
The Venture Compound regulars play as a strange group of family that you know well, then the weird family that you kind of know, that might be your third cousin.
There’s a group of Hindu shirt wearing white dudes with beards praying on the floor twenty yards away from a giant orange “chicken” structure in the corner.
There’s a collection of old equipment including a destroyed piano and enough vintage mixers that it looks like Lee Perry’s Black Arc.
So much fun to be part of this crew.
Billy Mays was the star of the show, his face beaming as he wrung storms of chords out of his Les Paul. It occurs to me that Mays has created a new style which is almost “anti-shredding”. He’s playing liquid guitar solos but it never, ever dips into wanky or cheesy. His work is like a fluid Jerry Garcia style but in a much more modern context.
Great to get a giant hug from him. I drove down and back from the Compound which was a big deal as well. I don’t usually drive so it was like taking moms car out for a ride. Pretty scary and thrilling. Hollow Life did has best to act as my Sulu and only got us lost briefly for a minute.
I also got to see some dear friends like WW and Momma Dee-Dee. I had a chance to discuss coffee with Sara Corascate, who is being scouted by the Afghan Wigs. In many ways, as I have said before, this is the minor leagues of alternative rock. Some of choose to stay playing where we are never going to make any money and only be rock stars on the weekends. Some of us dream of the big time. I look at it the same as other men who play pick us basketball. I’m never going to make the big leagues. I’m way too old to get called to the majors.
I’m also lucky that I never quite made it to “sex. drugs, and rock and roll” in a Motley Crue style. I’ll take all three but not mixed up like a terrible shooter.
So, I feel fear of the waves coming, I learn to paddle out, I wait for the right one and then catch it. It’s over and time to go home before I even know it.
Any night that features a 3-d RaeF performance with a giant screaming Gary Busey head is one for the books. Hipsters, punkers, hippies, arty weirdos, old people, young people, a few dogs, some lasers and smoke machines. 15 tv’s playing different movies all at the same time.
I wasn’t old enough to experience 1967 but I’m alive in 2014. I’m a white guy playing hip hop music rooted in the African tradition using machines and computers made in Asia. This new world is a stone groove, baby. Far out and solid.

Did you miss something beautiful?‏

Where in the world is Dreamstate Theory???

By Chris Dylan Chris Dylan

How does a boy in his mid twentys from the Pacific Northwest fall in love with hip-hop? Heres one way.. –

I don’t exactly recall when it was that I gave my life to the hands of luck, but somewhere along the lines I decided that I would let the universe take me for a ride. Maybe it was when I moved out at 15. But by 18 I was hitch-hiking, staying on beaches for weeks, meeting up with lost friends and finding out that they’re squatting somewhere, at times drinking booze for dinner, working in commercial kitchens and walking out at the first sign of bad authority: this was all normal at the time. Summers in Colorado and winters in Washington for 3 years led me to relocate myself and my backpack to Colorado. Summer was an easy time traveling. 2 years later, I am on top of the world with a shitty 350 Econoline Van that I (of course) had to modify with shag carpet all around. This van was a real piece of crap. It was only in the northwestern part of Colorado (heading towards Dinosour, Utah) that the automatic transmission decided that it either didn’t have a clutch or didn’t have a first gear…
Now, I was heading home. Why? To find some good musicians to make some classic PNW sounds with. If not that, then just to say “Hi” to everybody back home and head down the west coast looking for those musicians I was talking about. The music scene in Colorado had not fit my desire from the start. It was always a little too “Bro’s and Ho’s” for me, either that or complete wannabe indie rock pop pablum…
So, I wasn’t going to stop that van. It was way too full of priceless art pieces that needed new homes. I begin to tell myself that its only going to be a problem if I stop the van so if I don’t stop then we’re all good. I take the barren wastelands of Northeastern Utah and avoid the sight of another human until an entire gas tank is far too close to gone, at that point I am in Wyoming and able to breath again because I see a gas station. I am skipping over details of this trip for the reason that it doesn’t pertain to the subject of Dreamstate Theory. 3 stops and 3 days later I make it home to Bellingham, Washington. Thank you! The Wheel of Fortune has spun! Luck!
2 days later my van is beached in the county and I am downtown taking this picture. I don’t know these guys at all. Theyre just some random guys walking into the ice cream shop to me.


A month later the blonde guy is Tommy Couling and he’s my boss in a commercal kitchen and he’s not blonde anymore; he has a blue mohawk. My initial thought goes to “What character in SLC Punk is he?” Then I realized that he was obviously Steve-O. Later, we’re smoking in the alley and he tells me that he is in a band called Black Tommy and they just recorded a track called “Are You Having Fun Yet?” and he’s a rapper. He says “I just make one-liners and punchlines and string them together real fast. That’s what rappers do. Sometimes they don’t even relate but that doesn’t really matter.” 2 months later it is August 2012 and he is looking for a roommate and I am trying to move into a house that isn’t full of minors and college students so its perfect timing. I leave my lofty apartment and bring my 500 pound collection of paintings over to his house just in time to start laughing at how all the students have to go “BAK 2 $K00L.” We laugh and compose the image of the two of us showing up at the college and “turning ourselves in” as if they had a warrant for our arrest this whole time. Then we came up with a new name for the 2 bedroom house now that it had a new resident. We both instantly agree on ‘Narnia’ because “You don’t grow old in Narnia.”
Now, some of my earliest memories are of me climbing on bunk beds listening to 2pac, Coolio, Snoop Dogg and the like at age 4 or 5 but other than that my exposure to hip-hop music was so little that I didn’t know anybody who would ‘rap’ until I met Tommy. I have always thought Eminem was a really clever asshole, that 2pac was a real gangsta with real lyrics, Bone Thugs and Harmony are a bunch of thugs who love to harmonize, Snoop Dogg was always stoned and that Jay-Z and Kanye West were really, really famous…
Other than that I liked lines like “Purple clover, green hair lace, crimson hair across your face.” from Bob Dylan’s ‘Yer Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go.’ Or, “Nobody asked me but here’s my advice: to a young man or woman who is living this life, in a world gone to hell where nobody’s sane, do not go quietly onto your grave” from Morphine’s ‘Do Not Go Quietly Onto Your Grave.’
What I loved about music was the lyrics. I have always had short patience with instrumental music presented as a finished product. Why isn’t somebody saying what they want to say if given the chance? Use your voice, I thought. When you sing you are not only just sending your ideas into orbit throughout this world but also disrobing the veil of identity that you are always attempting to hide behind. You find that you suprise yourself when you hear what your thoughts truly translate to sometimes as a lyricist. I had written over 50 folk songs on guitar (having been a traveler) by age 20 and some of the lyrics were metaphors that I can only now hardly understand. And, being a drummer to begin with I had been in fistfuls of punk/rock bands since the age of 14 and was never really interested in drumming for instrumental bands.
But, at this point I had been on the troubadour’s road of rock and roll for 6 or 7 years and it was getting old. Not only that, but Black Tommy needed a new drummer. Now, I would confidently say that being a drummer in a rock/rap band is the beggining to my real exposure to rap. Yeah, I listened to The Transplants and Rage Against the Machine and those are also rock/rap bands so this still wasn’t absolute hip-hop.
That next summer Black Tommy released an EP called ‘The Babysitter’s Club.’ This is the most ‘rap’ song that we wrote for The Babysitter’s Club, “Punk Rock Saved Our Thug Lives.” This was a common toast to either Hornitos or Bullet Bourbon at Narnia. Or just Ranier…

During the writing of The Babysitter’s Club I joke of how I should become a rapper and begin making silly rap songs out of sheer boredom, or something like that.
Late that summer Black Tommy’s mastermind, Tommy Couling, took to setting his sights on the road and booked a tour. Black Tommy played a release show/last show for the Babysitter’s Club and was no more. The 4 other members were too grounded to partake on a tour and Tommy left town under alias Tommy Tryzynski. Troubles on the road led to the tour falling short and Tommy was ‘Back in Bellingham’ again after a few weeks. Once the time came where we were smoking cigarettes on my roof he began to explain that his direction in music had changed. I liked the idea that he had. He said he wanted to take his rap back to his roots of hip-hop. Maybe make poppy as hell songs because let’s just face it – THEY’RE FUN!!
By this point I had taken my music in the direction of hip-hop for a little while and wanted to do the same thing. I had never been an MC but I have always been a writer and it took me a short time to realize that in many ways they are one and the same. Before a month or 2 went by I was rhyming to a beat. “Holy Shit! That’s me! On the microphone! That new MC!” Something happened here that changed my outlook on things in drastic ways. I began writing pages for hours at times. New songs. Not songs. Just words that sound good when they’re stuck right next to each other. I realized that I was speaking a new language. This new lyrical platform was a world of rhythm math and metaphors. That became what I understand the world of hip-hop as – One giant rhythmic metaphor.
Beyond that I have always loved the following things: The Tales of the Greeks and the Ancient Egyptians, Dungeons and Dragons, Poetry and Slam Poetry, Redheads, Blondes and Brunettes, $5 buy in games of pool, Toadstools and the movies Alice in Wonderland and The Matrix. (The first one)
I began to look at my lyrics through this veil of my own passions or what I like to refer to as my permanent imagination. By ‘permanent imagination’ I mean the part of an imagination that can be hard to change. There are things that can have permanent damage on ones imagination and that list is too long to list here. Let us just say that the things that you love or hate are also the things that can damage your imagination. Sometimes not in negative ways, but damage all the same. They have the potential to close your mind. So this time I made sure that it was the the things I loved (The Tales of the Greeks and the Ancient Egyptians, Dungeons and Dragons, Poetry and Slam Poetry, Redheads..) that came out of my pen when I took to the pen this time. I realized that with the lyrics that I was writing I could look beyond onto the thing that I niether love nor know: the world of dreams. So, I endorced this in my mind. I began to perfect the art of daydreaming, descretely writing songs in the middle of conversations with people. I was performing that kind of behavior that some people try to call insanity but without it songs like ‘Across the Universe’ wouldn’t exist. I begin to resent those who mock creative passion at this point. More than ever…
This, on top of reading The Book of Thoth and discovering the Dreamstate Theory through Aleister Crowley’s writing gave way to the coming of the Dreamstate Theory hip-hop group becoming a reality. (Aleister Crowley never mentions a ‘Dreamstate Theory’ but the Dreamstate Theory is my impression of his explanation of magic. See the previous blog for an explanation of the Dreamstate Theory.)
One thing I realized while writing this new material is that it mostly mattered to me that what I was going to put out in songs was what I wanted to say. Tommy Couling gave me the beats once he had decided that my ‘rap skillz’ were ‘ill’ enough and I wrote the greater part of this song while driving through the county in my car. Sometimes the greatest moments of your life can only happen alone, and I would say that that car ride was one of them. Then again I have to thank Tommy and Dave for the beat… and all the Redheads, Brunettes and Blondes out there…

Before that I had rapped a song called ‘Jessie’ that was about a dream that I had and a few other songs about real bad romance situations so with these new beats I decided that I would take a new perspective. Besides using content from dreams, I wanted to make sure that I was keeping to the idea of the Dreamstate Theory so I made the song “Treaty for an Incubus.” A song about a completely unrealistic situation, the idea is the same that I had explained earlier; that a rap is only made of rhythm math and metaphor. This song was when I decided that I actually could rap and also the point when I decided that I wanted to keep to the idea of rapping about unrealistic situations: again, the world of dreams. In this song I take on the guise of a lonely and bitter Incubus, born in Nessus, which for all of you who would like to know, is the 4th layer of Hell and is a barren and frozen eternal wasteland with occasional lavish dwellings that protect from the elements.

On top of that I wrote a song about how people should stop dreaming about negative things like captivity, failure and misunderstanding and just pass the mic to the muses ‘cuz they have passion and better things to make you dream about. Maybe it can be a fruitless concept but I have always believed the best way to change to world is to change to way you percieve it becuase, it really is always a matter of perception. I have also always been a fan of accepting great suffering as a part of life so the lyrics in this song are made to represent that idea.

Nowadays, I am listening to tracks I have never heard before by artists I didnt know existed more than ever and it is comforting to know that the culture of hip-hop goes so far. Freestyling is becoming a not only easier thing to me but a game that is dangerously fun. I think I’m addicted.

And thats how a boy in his mid twenty’s from the Pacific Northwest falls in love with hip-hop… With a little help from a midwest rapper named Tommy Couling and maybe some unmentioned Tarot Cards.. (Princesses of swords and cups, Art/Temperance and The Lovers, The Hermit and last but not least The Hanged Man.)

The Dreamstate Theory EP is available at Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Facebook. Check us out/like/follow. Seeing as how the group is a very new thing at this point, we will be finding a sound and uploading tracks regularly for listening. Enjoy!

Digital Disguise has arrived, alive and kicking.


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